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TetraTec EasyCrystal Filter Box 600

TetraTec EasyCrystal Filter Box 600
TetraTec EasyCrystal Filter Box 600

Internal Aquarium Filter with heater compartment for crystal clear, healthy water thanks to innovative filter cartridge: fast, clean replacement dry hands! This simple user friendly filter has proven itself to be a great plug and play system for beginners.

        Ensures crystal clear, healthy water with its intensive mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.
        Mechanical filtration: Double-layered Filter Floss Pads reliably remove even the tiniest particles.
        Biological filtration: BioGrid with an extra large surface area for the growth of beneficial bacteria.
        Chemical filtration: special activated carbon to eliminate water clouding and unpleasant odours.
        Compact and space-saving.
        Durable suction cups.
        Suitable for aquariums from 50 to 150 l.
        7.5 watts
        2-year guarantee.
         Filter dimensions 31cm Tall X 19cm Wide X 11.5cm Thick 

We personally rate these units for a larger capacity then advertised and have found them to be incredibly effective !!.

$ 59.95
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