Internal Power Filters

TetraTec IN 300 Plus

TetraTec IN 300 Plus
TetraTec IN 300 Plus

Powerful and convenient internal filters for physical, biological and chemical filtration. These are great little filters, easy to use and easy to adjust.

        All internal filters have two filter chambers
        One filter foam can always remain in the filter chamber during the cleaning process - minimising the loss of beneficial bacteria
        The device remains in the aquarium during the cleaning process
        Includes a practical filter medium removal device for clean use
        Continuous control of the flow rate to suit the aquarium
        Outlet nozzle can be rotated 180
        Controllable Venturi system provides additional oxygen supply
        Elegant compact design, low space requirements
        Easy to attach with stable adhesive suckers
        Biological Filter Foam and Activated Carbon Filter available as spare parts
        Because of the split filter chamber, you can have one of each for the best of both worlds.
        Perfect for beginners.
        2-year guarantee
        Filter Dimensions 11cm Tall X 4.5cm Wide X 7cm Thick
        Recommended aquarium size 10 - 40 Litres
        Filter flow rate 150 - 300 litres per hour
        Power consumption 4.6w 

$ 29.95
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