Ornamental Fish Farming - Brian Andrews

Ornamental Fish Farming  - Brian Andrews
Ornamental Fish Farming - Brian Andrews
Some features of the Ornamental Fish Farming book:
  • The book is intended and designed to be useful not only to professional breeders, but to assist serious fish enthusiasts wishing to expand their hobby to breeding, and on to commercial production if desired.
  • The book provides many rarely or never published techniques for breeding tropical fish and goldfish, all in one publication.
  • Information is given in considerable detail, providing both basic and advanced techniques, written in easily understandable language.
  • A detailed table of contents in the front of the book for easy subject location.
  • Numerous detailed step-by-step procedures for various aspects of fish farming.
  • A comprehensive section on quarantining fish.
  • The use of hormone injection to induce spawning.
  • 528 pages with over 300 photographs and illustrations.
  • An 8 page glossary of terms.
  • A comprehensive index, with important page numbers bolded.
  • Hard cover, A4 size, (210 297 mm/8.27 11.69 inches), 2 kg in weight.
  • Topics

    What information does the book include?

    1. The first section, SOME FUNDAMENTALS OF COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION, covers the basics, for example: elements of production, getting a feel for water and water chemistry, water sources, criteria in choosing the best species to produce, production/marketing suitability of the different families, identifying the gender of fish, acquiring and quarantining new broodstock.

    2. The second section, OPERATING STYLES, STRATEGIES AND FACILITIES, discusses options (with comparisons) in these aspects of production.

    3. The third and fourth sections give detailed information on PRODUCTION METHODS, including broodstock holding and conditioning, setting up for spawning, egg-care and larval rearing, and grow-out, covering diets, maintaining water quality, and health management for each stage. The section concludes with packing and shipping methods.

    4.  These are followed by a section called MISCELLANEOUS FISH FARMING TECHNIQUES, which includes 24 detailed methods for activities such as the culture of infusoria and other live foods; the decapsulation, harvesting and grow-out of brine shrimp; harvesting net construction; making concentrated peat extract; disinfecting equipment and tanks; how to construct size-graders, glass tanks and grow-out systems; euthanizing fish etc.

    5. Sections on WATER CHEMISTRY and FISH DISEASES AND HEALTH MANAGEMENT come next, giving comprehensive, practical information on these subjects as they apply to ornamental fish farming.

    6. The eighth and ninth sections deal with MARKETING and SITE SELECTION.

     7.  The tenth section, INDIVIDUAL SPECIES, is a list of 133 species from 14 major commercial families/groups of fish with concise commercial breeding techniques for each.

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