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Malaysian Driftwood Medium 23cm - 29cm

Malaysian Driftwood Medium 23cm - 29cm
Malaysian Driftwood Medium 23cm - 29cm

*    Natural driftwood for decorating freshwater aquariums
*    Create a realistic environment for tropical aquarium fish
*    Great addition to freshwater planted aquarium landscape
Recreate the look of natural habitats with real Malaysian Driftwood. Ruggedly beautiful driftwood is an indispensable addition to freshwater aquarium landscape. Use versatile Malaysian Driftwood to add visual interest, increase architectural structure, or to provide shelter and cover for aquarium inhabitants. Create the ideal daytime location for nocturnal catfish species. Also great for freshwater planted aquariums as an attachment site for Java Moss, Anubias, and other plants for a truly nature-inspired aquarium.

Please Note: Malaysian Driftwood is a natural product and size and shape of each piece is unique and will vary. Dimensions will also vary slightly. Rinse thoroughly and soak in water to help reduce safe and natural release of organic acids that tint aquarium water.

$ 15.00
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