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CaribSea Instant Aquarium - Kon Tiki 9kg

CaribSea Instant Aquarium - Kon Tiki 9kg
CaribSea Instant Aquarium - Kon Tiki 9kg

* Beautiful and functional substrate for freshwater aquariums
* Sand and gravel packed with water containing beneficial bacteria
* "Live" substrate conditions and cycles newly setup aquariums

Condition and cycle new setups with beautiful Instant Aquarium substrate. Setting up and decorating a successful freshwater aquarium is now easier than before. These unique substrates jumpstart the cycling process with live water-purifying bacteria contained in each water-packed bag. Instant Aquarium substrates are pH neutral and will not increase aquarium carbonate hardness. Unique grain size resists collection of detritus, fish waste or food within the substrate bed. Available in a variety of natural gravels and sands to enhance the look and function of freshwater aquariums. Ideal for use with most freshwater aquarium setups. Detoxifies metals, eliminates ammonia, neutralizes chlorine and chloramine and provides a protective slime coat for stressed fish. Also reduces nitrite and nitrate. Contains no artificial dyes or paints.

Use approx 1kg per 4 litres .  9kgs of substrate treats up to 80 litres


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