Aqua Care Discus Catalogue

Aqua Care Discus Catalogue
Aqua Care Discus Catalogue

There are more than 600 photographs in this catalogue. Every one of them was professionally taken, carefully screened and selected to provide our readers with a clearer and better understanding of Discus varieties.

The content of this book is based on author's experience and personal opinion. Due to the complexity of the Discus varieties, some specimens may have certain features and names that are different from what is described in this book. Nevertheless, as long as they have the same characteristic, they should be classified as the same variety.

The objectives of this book are to:

Provide the latest information on Discus varieties to the Discus enthusiasts.

Categorize all the Discus varieties based on their characteristics.

Explain the possible ways on how each variety may be created.

Due to the versatile nature of the Discus fish, more varieties will be created in the near future. The author intends to provide information on these new varieties as and when it becomes available.

The author, Martin Ng, has been breeding Discus fish for many years. He was one of the founders responsible for forming up the Discus Society Of Malaysia in 1999 and was elected as the President until 2003. This says a lot for the writer since Malaysia is the country where the most number of varieties have been successfully bred. He was invited as a judge in various international Discus competitions including the 2002 Duisburg International Discus Championship, and the first Malaysian International Discus Championship in the same year.  

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