Giant Clams in the sea and the aquarium

Giant Clams in the sea and the aquarium
Giant Clams in the sea and the aquarium

There are lots of books available that cover marine aquariums, fishes, and corals, but there hasn’t been one dedicated solely to the tridacnid clams since Daniel Knop’s Giant Clams came out in 1996 – until now. I have recently finished my book Giant Clams in the Sea and the Aquarium, which will be available in October, 2006. The book is an 8" x 9" 227-page hardback, printed on high-quality gloss paper, which includes over 300 photographs, and covers all aspects of tridacnid biology and aquarium care.

The book`s foreword was written by J. Charles Delbeek, co-author of The Reef Aquarium: Volumes 1-3, and here’s what he had to say about it: "…James Fatherree has brought together the most up-to-date literature and anecdotal information on the biology and care of tridacnid clams for the hobbyist available, along with his stunning photos. Using his distinctive, conversational and light-hearted writing style, James has written a book for every hobbyist, be they absolute beginners or seasoned veterans 

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