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Catalina 17k/420nm 36w

Catalina 17k/420nm 36w
Catalina 17k/420nm 36w
Aquarium double light, white on one side, 420 nm (03/blue) actinic on the other. Peaks at 420 nm. Deeper penetration than the 450 nm. 50/50 combination of 10000K trichromatic daylight phosphor and actinic 420 phosphor in the same lamp provides an ideal light source for all marine aquariums and reef tanks. High intensity full spectrum illumination for a living reef, strong in the short wavelength blue region essential for photosynthetic corals and invertebrates, balanced with 10k sunlight for natural color enhancement. Ideal for African Cichilids and Discus.
Power: 36 W
Color: Ultra Actinic 03/blue 420nm with 10000K Crisp White

$ 22.00
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