The new Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases

The new Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases
The new Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases
The New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases by Gerald Bassleer

The new illustrated guide to fish diseases in ornamental freshwater, tropical and pond fish: observing, recognizing, preventing, and treating. It is one thing to select beautiful fish for your aquarium or pond, it is quite another to recognize diseases in your fish and also effectively combat them using the proper drugs. Many books are thick on text but thin on photographs; this book, by contrast, features 1000 photographs of sick fish to help identify the problems in your tank. After 25 years of research, Gerald Bassleer, an international authority in the field of fish diseases, has written this “ New Illustrated Guide to Fish Diseases “ as an extended and improved version of the popular “ Color guide of Tropical Fish Diseases “ (1982). This book will enable the fish hobbyist: - to recognize diseases in fish with the aid of a multitude of accurate photographs; - to trace the underlying causes on the basis of a questionnaire; - to familiarize himself with major fish diseases through concise descriptions written in plain language; - to apply the correct treatment based on clear descriptions of practical uses of the latest medications. This book is a lavishly illustrated aid to making the right diagnosis, not only for the aquarium wholesaler/retailer or pond center, but also for the hobbyist and the veterinarian’s or fish doctor’s practice. Hardcover book, 230 pages, 1000 photographs.

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