Hikari Fish Food

Hikari Floating Food Sticks 250gm

Hikari Floating Food Sticks 250gm
Hikari Floating Food Sticks 250gm

Floating Food Sticks for Arowana & Top Feeding large carnivorous fish, Nutritionally balanced alternative to live food items. 

High quality carotenoids promote brilliant colours. Reduce the risk of potential infection due to parasites or bacteria found in live foods. High in stabilized Vitamin C. Contains highest grade carotenoids to develop natural brilliant colours, and other nutritious ingredients designed to stimulate appetite.


  1. An optimally balanced nutrient mix that helps maximize growth.
  2. Developed after extensive study and analysis of the sense of sight, smell and taste of numerous carnivorous fish. Inclusion of key ingredients like DL-methionine and L-lysine allowed us to produce a food most top feeding carnivores eagerly devour.
  3. New advances in bio-technology helped us identify the highest grade of color enhancing ingredients available today which support color retention in UV deficient environments. Your fish will look their best year round!
  4. The highly digestible nutrient mix helps reduce waste and aquarium clouding** common with other floating stick type foods.
  5. Rapidly becomes soft by absorbing water, yet retains its shape.*
  6. "*Rapidly absorbs water and takes on a soft, live-food-like consistency without dissolving. **When used as directed."

Crude Protein: min 40%

Crude Fat: min 4%

Crude Fibre: max 3%

Moisture: 10%

Crude Ash: 14%

phosphorous: 1.0%


Feed two to three times daily the amount your fish will completely consume in a few minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding and always remove uneaten food after feeding period. Carnivorous fish often resist a new type of food when changing their diet, continued use will assure acceptance.

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