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Fluval G3 Canister Filter *out of stock*

Fluval G3 Canister Filter *out of stock*
Fluval G3 Canister Filter *out of stock*

G3 Advanced Filtration System

The perfect convergence of beauty, brains and brawn, Fluval G-series redefines aquatic filtration by offering a unique combination of aesthetics, advanced performance features and Fluval's exclusive Hydrotech™ monitoring system.

key features

    • Hydrotech™ Monitoring System – Internal sensory modules allow a microprocessor to store and communicate historical and real-time data (i.e. water temperature, water flow, conductivity, and salinity) via an easy-to-read backlit screen. The screen will alert the user when set parameters deviate from the optimal range.  Hydrotech™ also offers a convenient Maintenance Scheduler, which can be easily programmed for important reminders such as changing filter media.
    • Quick Release System – Direct top access to pre-filter and chemical cartridges for fast replacement and rinsing with no need to dissemble the filter.
    • 3-stage filtration – mechanical, chemical and biological.
    • Aquastop valves allow you to stop water flow and disconnect hosing quickly and easily.
    • Easy prime button starts water flow without manual siphoning.
    • Cast zama locking levers and internal silicone gasket for an ultra secure seal.
    • Double wall construction eliminates motor noise.
    • For use in fresh or salt water aquariums.

Tech specs

AQUARIUM CAPACITY  |   up to 300 L(80 US Gal)

For aquariums up to 300 L (80 US Gal)

Filter Circulation: 700 LPH (185 US Gal per hour)

Motor Performance: 60 Hz-1380 LPH

Mechanical Cartridge: 520 cm2 (204 in2)

Biological Volume: 2.36 L (0.6 US Gal)

Filtration Volume: 5 L (1.32 US Gal)

Head Height: 50Hz – 180 cm (5.1 ft)

Wattage: 230-240V/50Hz – 17 W

Dimensions (L x W x H): 249 x 249 x 247 mm (9.8 x 9.8 x 9.72 in)

$ 480.00
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