DuplaRin Fish Food

DuplaRin XL 180ml *OUT OF STOCK*

DuplaRin XL 180ml *OUT OF STOCK*
DuplaRin XL 180ml *OUT OF STOCK*

Duplarin XL is the perfect staple food for larger aquarium fish. Its a high quality, all-in-one granulated feed for small freshwater and saltwater fish. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, non-dissolving and highly similar to natural diet. Free from artificial colours. With high protein content and added essential vitamins, plus astaxanthin for strong coloration. The end result of cutting edge German aquarium R&D, Duplarin is a  concentrated, highly digestable and nutritious food that provides all the natural pigments for your fish to look their best.

DuplaRin is a modern food concept for aquarium fish. It was developed over many years through intensive research and testing in close co-operation with leading scientists. DuplaRin is a granulate available in different sizes; the right size and type for every fish and mouth size. Due to the especially gentle manufacturing process, all carefully selected vitamins, proteins and trace elements are fully retained.

The most important advantages of DuplaRin:

  1. DuplaRin is easily digestible. It consists of valuable raw materials which through their balanced composition enhance the health of aquarium fish
  2. DuplaRin is adapted to the fishes mouth sizes and also their eating habits. Fish are normally consumers of morsels, and because mouth sizes vary, DuplaRin is available in different granulate sizes suitable for every individual requirement.
  3. DuplaRin is a 3-Stage Food Product, because it floats, swims and sinks. Fish existing in all three zones of the aquarium (top, middle zone, bottom area) are supplied with an equally fresh and comprehensive nutrition.
  4. DuplaRin is Water-stable. It slowly absorbs water, without losing its shape or breaking up. Valuable components are maintained and are not being diluted. The aquarium fish are therefore always supplied with a high-value diet.
  5. DuplaRin is ideal to Dispense. An entirely new method of fish feeding was developed with the Dupla dispenser, a device specifically designed for the DuplaRin granulate. This dosing device enables a targeted, precise and hygienic feeding of fish without wasting any food.

Ingredients: fish, cereals, oils, yeast, vitamins, lecithin, algae tropical Astaxanthin
Vitamin supplementation: B1 28 mg, B2 56 mg, B6 14 mg, B12 70 μg, K3 12 mg

Rich in valuable nutrients natural tropical microalgae and over 17 essential vitamins that ensure the welfare of the fish.

Enriched astaxanthin (75 mg/kg) for even more brilliant colors and to stimulate reproduction.

Contains no dyes.

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