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TetraTec APS100 - Super Silent

TetraTec APS100 - Super Silent
TetraTec APS100 - Super Silent

The advanced TetraTec APS 100 Air pump is for use with all aquaria from 50 to 100 litres in size. With the external flow control valve included, the TetraTec APS 100 can be easily adjusted to provide the right air flow for all purposes like box filters, airstones, action ornaments and undergravel filters. Innovative design reduces noise while producing high flow. The external flow control valve is included. Exeptional quality and reliability giving a 3 year guarantee.

Technical data TetraTec APS 100:
-high flow due to powerful long-lasting diaphragm
-very quiet due to noise supression chambers that absorb sound waves
-very quiet operation due to innovative construction of pump, strong housing walls and special rubber feet, which absorb vibration
-pump output: max: 100 l/h
-power consumption: 2.5 W
-for aquaria from 50 to 100 l
-number of outputs: 1

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$ 29.95
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