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Genchem Astaxanthin 50gm

Genchem Astaxanthin 50gm
Genchem Astaxanthin 50gm

Genchem Astaxanthin is a premium product derived from natural plant extracts which provide an excellent pigment source. It is also highly nutritious and will improve the digestion, apetite and growth rate of larvae.

The carotenoides intensifies the colour of your shrimp, in particular CRS, where banding is very important - the red will be intensified by a considerable amount. If you have Cherry shrimp and use this product, the red pigmentation becomes bright red. This product can also be used with fish to promote their colours.

Simply add 1/2 spoon (included in the packet) of Astaxanthin per 100 litres of water, twice a week. Ideally it should be dosed when the lights are off. If you want to improve the colouration of your fish, you can also add Genchem Astaxanthin to fish food.

Product Details

  • Improved colour pigmentation, especially red.
  • Promotes sexual maturation and egg production.
  • Will help eggs to resist disease and also help the hatching process.

Product Includes

  • 1 x Genchem Astaxanthin 50g
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