UV Sterilizers

Eheim Reeflex UV 350 7w * out of stock *

Eheim Reeflex UV 350 7w * out of stock *
Eheim Reeflex UV 350 7w * out of stock *

Benefits of the EHEIM reeflex UV

  • Fast and effective reduction of microorganisms in the water
  • Eliminates torbidity caused by algae or bacteria  
  • Internally fitted high gloss aluminium reflects the UV-C light and ensures more efficient sterilisation
  • Excellent results with low energy consumption (1.8 times more effective than conventional UV-sterilisers) 
  • No performance loss as, using a special design, the water is not redirected 
  • Also ideal for breeding tanks as it reduces the risk of infection 
  • Good bacteria are safely retained in the filter as only floating organisms are captured
  • Simple, safe maintenance and cleaning
  • AUTO-OFF: automatic safety cut-off when changing lamp
  • Easy to attach using the included fixing bracket

    EHEIM reeflexUV 350

    • For aquariums up to approx. 350.00 l 
    • 7.00 watts
    • 400lph flow rate for clarification
    • 200lph flow rate for Germicidal sterilization
    • 3 year replacement warranty ( not including uv tube )
    • Made in Germany
    • Width 106.00 mm Height 309.00 mm Depth 128.00 mm
    • Hose suction side 12.00/16.00  mm 
    • Hose pressure side 12.00/16.00  mm 
    $ 229.00
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