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Resun CL280 * OUT OF STOCK *

Resun CL280 * OUT OF STOCK *
Resun CL280 * OUT OF STOCK *
  • Intelligent digital control system ensures precise temperature display and easy operation
  • ABS plastic shell makes this unit safe and reliable
  • Low operating noise
  • Unique and innovative design; compact and easy to move
  • High quality compressor is durable and energy-efficient
  • Corrosion resistant, pure titanium heat exchanger
  • Ideal for both fresh and marine water and other water types


Voltage.:220~240V 50Hz
Power: 1/10HP
Coolant: R134A
Recommended Pump Outflow: 500-1000L/Hr
Refrigerating Capacity: 280W
Recommended Aquarium Size (if set temperature:25C): 300L
Dimensions: 300320350mm 
$ 549.00
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