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Aquael Mini UV - LED

Aquael Mini UV - LED
Aquael Mini UV - LED
  • Eliminates algae and parasites
  • Efficient water sterilization
  • Very low power consumption - only 1 watt
  • Suitable for up to 200 litres
  • Long life span of UV - LED
  • 500mW
  • Dimensions 5cm x 3cm
  • Runs off USB into Supplied Adaptor
  • Suitable for most internal and external canister filters
  • 2 year replacement warranty
  • Made in Poland

- We found this unit to fit nicely with Eheim 16/22mm hose.  For a precaution a hose clamp would be a great idea for a tight fit. 

Being 16/22mm hose compatible it will suit the outlet of most internal / external filters.

$ 29.95
$ 49.95
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