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Giesemann TESZLA LED

Giesemann TESZLA LED
Giesemann TESZLA LED

GIESEMANN´s brand new TESZLA LED is an innovative lighting solution for all LED lovers. TESZLA features an unusual, elegant design and its high quality functional aluminum housing contains all the important functional elements.

LED technology made in Germany
When developing our LED systems every tiny little detail was important to us. All the components including the housing, the thermo-elements and the electronics board – the heart of each TESZLA – was made by us in Germany. Fully automated board assembly and robot-controlled manufacture allow for competitive production while, at the same time, ensuring extremely high manufacturing quality and construction precision. Every TESZLA light is equipped with a micro-controller which monitors the internal operational temperature of the LED.

Once a predetermined temperature has been reached, an integrated fan is turned on. The speed of this fan is adjusted depending on the heat generation. This ensures that every light can always work under optimal conditions and will not be damaged due to overheating.

Two versions of TESZLA are available - the standard version with a matt anodized aluminum finish and the special “pure” edition with a shiny white powder coating. Each version features black varnished glass elements.

Extensive warranty
As the TESZLA series is 100% made in Germany we are able to guarantee the highest performance and quality standards. At the same time we offer a simple replacement parts service so that your lighting does not become a disposable product. As with all GIESEMANN products, the TESZLA series has undergone extensive long-term testing. As the only TÜV certified company for aquarium illumination worldwide, we can therefore guarantee both the high standards and the safety of our products. That is why all our products come with a 24 month guarantee.

TESZLA - Fascinating light output
The selection and assembly of the light boards alone prove that the TESZLA series features the most up-to-date technology. Every group of lights is controlled its own output driver. All the driver circuits are controlled via an ultra-modern processor which monitors all lighting and operational parameters so as to ensure constant colour and light values. Thanks to the latest XLamp(R) XM-L High-Voltage LED from CREE, the system uses less electricity and provides an impressive amount of light. Every board features a combination of CREE XM-L white LEDs, CREE XP-G blue and royal blue LEDs as well as two special LEDs – the entire output is 66 Watts.

With regard to the optics we avoided using additional lenses as this means that a lot of the light output is lost. TESZLA is therefore equipped with a loss-free 120° lens which provides the aquarium with the entire amount of light emitted. Contrary to many other lighting systems with lenses, there is no danger of coral being bleached by concentrated beams. GIESEMANN’S many years of experience come into play when developing this light and when defining the light distribution. Integrated mirrors reflect all light beams onto the surface to be illuminated and thus guarantee perfect lighting.

TESZLA - Fully automated lighting program
We constructed TESZLA so that it only requires a few programming steps to enable the perfect light simulation throughout the day. The board features 4 differently assembled circuits with a total of 20 LEDs which are separated into three groups for individual programming. Select the desired light output for each colour group to create your personal mix of colours. Once you have confirmed the colour selection, the light will automatically start with the sunrise cycle and regulates the system at predefined times turning the desired light output up and down as equired. During the night phase a moonlight simulation kicks in using the royal blue LED on a reduced setting.

In addition to this, each TESZLA light features an interface to your existing aquarium computer thus making it possible to control each individual group of lights externally. This means that numerous lighting scenarios can be implemented depending on your computer.

Modular assembly options
TESZLA lights can be used in a variety of situations. For assembly on or above the aquarium we provide two options – attachment via an adjustable steel wire suspension or via an assembly bracket designed especially for the TESZLA series that attaches to the edge of the aquarium (available as an accessory, sold separate).

Technicial Information TESZLA - LED light  


ab. 25,5 x 18,5 x 4,8 cm.


ab. 2,3 kg

Equipped by

20 LED:

4 x blue - 465-485 nm,
4 x royal blue - 450-465 nm,
10 x white + 2 x special - 7000-8000°K.


Loss-free 120 ° optics without beam forming.

Power consumption

66 Watt.

Body colour

  Pure white high gloss ( Custom colors are available on request )


Optional: Steel rope set, variable
Optional: Suspension kit for aquarium mounting

Lighting recommendation

Aquarium dimensions up to 50 x 50 x 50 cm. 


0-100% btw. 100-0% = about 60 min.


Passive cooling
Active cooling: stepwise temperature-controlled.


Temporary shutdown of the LED at high temperature (still in active cooling).


110-240V, 50-60Hz.


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