Aquarium Heaters

Hydor Mini 15w

Hydor Mini 15w
Hydor Mini 15w

The perfect heater for smaller tanks! This compact 15w watt heater will keep your 15 40 litre aquarium or fish bowl at the perfect temp. Flat design allows you to place the heater under the gravel or along the side of any acrylic or glass aquarium. Safe and reliable heating!

It is extra small: easy to hide in betta-tanks and bowls; extra safe-no glass to break; completely submersible, ideal for use in glass and acrylic aquariums; no damage if left running dry.

  • 2 year replacement warranty
  • 15 watts
  • Set to 25c
  • Dimensions 15.8 x 6.2cm
  • Suitable for aquariums upto 40 litres
$ 35.00
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