Back To Nature Guide - Nano Aquaria

Back To Nature Guide - Nano Aquaria
Back To Nature Guide - Nano Aquaria

In the last few years so-called “nano aquaria” have became very popular. The main reason for this is probably that they are small and will fit almost anywhere.

Many beautifully-designed and functional nanos have been produced and numerous colourful freshwater shrimps and small fishes have been introduced into the aquarium hobby as well.

This book gives many examples of beautiful freshwater nano aquaria and also provides useful and adequate information on how to set up and maintain a nano. It also covers the fishes, shrimps, crayfishes, crabs, snails, and plants that can be kept in such a small aquarium.

This book contains approximately 490 excellent colour photos (by 41 photographers from nine countries) and species descriptions with information on and photos of more than 75 crustaceans (shrimps, crayfishes, crabs) and snails, 180 fishes, and 60 plants that are suitable for a nano aquarium.

Authors : Kjell Fohrman, José Kienjet, Ralph Töning

Hardback : 160 Pages

Size : 247mm x 176mm

Published : 2010

$ 45.00
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