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Dupla pH Control Set Pro

Dupla pH Control Set Pro
Dupla pH Control Set Pro

Microprocessor-controlled pH Controller with Timer Function. With optional calibration reminder function every six weeks.

control of pH regulation + timer switch optional night deactivation of pH regulation
timer switch with seconds and interval function interval function for connection of circulation pumps, etc.
adjustable visual and audio alarm
blue illuminated display showing all target and actual values
separation between operating element and power supply by USB connector
power supply with 2 slots and LED status indication
socket slots feature manual on/off switch function
memory function avoids loss of data during power cuts
Includes Dupla pH electrode

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
Connection power per slot: max. 2.000 (ohmic load)
Total connection power: max. 3.000 W (ohmic load)
pH regulation range: pH 4.0-9.9
pH regulation accuracy: +/- 0.1 (approx. value)
pH alarm range: +/- 0,1-4,0 adjustable in 0,1 pH increments
pH switching hysteresis: 0.1 pH
Switching delay: 60 seconds
Length of connection cable: 1,5 m
Length of sensor cable: 3 m
Length of cable control unit to power unit: 2 m

$ 399.00
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