Marina Aqua - Minder

Marina Aqua - Minder
Marina Aqua - Minder
  • Adjustable Aquarium Monitoring Unit.
  • The Marina Aqua - Minder has been designed to provide all aquariums with continuous monitoring as well as a basic maintenance schedule.
  • The Aqua - Minder will flash and beep when a given maintenance function is due or the temperature has dropped or exceeded the programmed values.
  • Fish health depends on accurate water temperature and good water quality.
  • The Aqua - Minder will visually and audibly assist you in taking care of your aquarium.
  • Programmable Aquarium Re-minder with built-in digital thermometer for a beautiful healthy aquarium.
  • Programmable features include:
  • High/Low audible temperature alarm.
  • Water Change interval schedule.
  • Filter Maintenance schedule.
  • System Check schedule.
  • System does Fahrenheit and Celcius.
$ 37.50
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